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Busted for Too Much Information!

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Tiny Town, USA – Talk some really loud and obnoxious smack on a public street like you own the goddamn place and -- you're busted.

Rather than bother the police with another call about loud people getting all nasty n shit on a cell phone, we decided that from now on, if it happens on our street, we are going to take your picture and publish it. That's right. 

Offenders include the woman pictured who thought it perfectly fine at 9 a.m. to yell at the top of her voice to some other asshole on the receiving end. For a full 10 minutes! This is just bull shit, okay?

She doesn't live here, she works in a place nearby. That doesn't give anyone license to talk trash and holler your crap ass complaints for all to hear  -- the verbal equivalent of public littering. That's why there's Jerry Springer. 

Now, clearly this lady had some issues to settle with someone. We know all about it now! So next time you are airing out your dirty laundry in public expect to see it here. And next time, we're gonna record it, too. 

We're all somebody's baby and baby, it's time to grow up and look around. The world ain't about you and your little dramas. 

– C. Penbroke Handy, self-appointed public moralist

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