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Aesop Cop in: Those Darned Andersons!

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This special edition of Aesop Cop is brought to you by Oakland, California.

Aesop Cop is a collaboration between Franklin Crawford, who scans police logs around the world and writes an Aesop-style morality poem about notable crimes, and Rigel Stuhmiller, who illustrates the poems.  The original crime news story is below, and the Aesop Cop comic follows.    


Anderson, Allen - (M/K) Age: 57
Reported: 07/28/2011 by Crime Reporter: 7246
Crime Report #: 6226276
Source: Oakland PD
M PC415(1) Disturbing The Peace By Fighting
Residing in Crime Beat Zone: Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley & San Leandro

Oakland Arrest Information - Criminal Statistics

Over the course of three hundred and sixty five days (1 year) in the city of Oakland there have been 10 people arrested with the same first name and 43 people arrested with the same last name (matching the arrest record information above). During the same time period in Oakland we have recorded 15379 total arrest records. Out of all of these arrest reports in Oakland there have been 0 that match zip code 94619-2901. On the same day this person was arrested there was 39 other people arrested Oakland for allegedly committing a crime.


Aesop Cop in: Those Darned Andersons! 

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