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Five Things You Might Want to Know, Today

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night shot

From the Top Right Moving Left and Down: Hoopster Becky Hawley is exhibiting and selling her colorful hoops in the Alternatives Federal Credit Union. If you've never seen a person working the Hula Hoop all the way up their wrists and down to their ankles and back in one sexy serpentine undulation, you're missing something you can't live without. You would understand, however, why these simple "toys" -- just like those stabilizer balls -- are the hottest new way to get into shape and work every muscle and joint in your Bah-dee. 


Next pic: If you see a morbidly jolly and obese Buddha at your backyard bird feeder this summer, do not kill him. He already Dead! 

Next pic: Elvis sightings at the corner of First Street and Monroe have been confirmed. He's watching – don't step on his blue suede shoes. And don't smoke crack in that Orson Ledger slumlord special, either. 

Next pic: Word to the wise: Here's one good reason not to leave your front door unlocked at night. Strangers come in, use your bathroom, finish off your marmalade and goat cheese and make merry with your cats and dogs. Just lock it. Believe me, it would've spared one of our staffers a night in jail and a life of crime.

Last pic: Haven't been to the California Beachfront-style deck at EduCorp's HumEc School? Well get there, people. A lotta dough went into that elaborate overview. But even a $4.8 billion endowment couldn't buy a piece of the Pacific. Sorry. Still gotta go West for that, Ezrealites. 

– Franklin Crawford, aka Frankie14850, shutterbug, at your ever loving service

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