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Yay! The Rabbits can go back in the Church Again!

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rabbits at church

Well, that's country web talk for "We're up and running again folks."

Yep, Homie went under the hood and saw just a gawdawful mess down there.

A mess of plug-ins unplugged, modules behaving unmodularly, Akeemba systems back-ups un-backed-up since February ... and scores of the cutest little bunnies you ever did see.

We tried an upgrade and called Belinda Cho, tinytowntimes.com's tech guru, who's always in the clean room.

She wasn't there! He checked the ladies room. Not there. We called her ESL teacher. Hadn't been to class in a month!

Damn! What's an administrator to do?? Only roll up his own sleeves and get down to it. You see, there were some PHP incompatibilities with the upgraded 1.5.2 and that meant getting on the inside of the Global Configuration hoodiggy. Well, hell the thing weren't full of if rabbits!

Then I got a call from Belinda Cho. She'd gone to a Comics Convention in L.A. and -- well, you just gotta see this, you just gotta see it:

So check out our very next post: Aesop's Biggest Bust Ever.

See our very next post above, live from the LA Comics Convention.

Well, it was alive last week.

And hey – wink-wink – welcome back, Belindo Cho.

– The Whole tinytowntimes.com Team





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