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Can you really open a door when opportunity knocks?

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Opportunity: When one door closes, another one opens. So. You go close the other one as well. But be careful. Some times the first one opens again. So you get an eye-hook for the door and an eye-screw with hook for the door jamb. You place them about level to one another and use force to get the fastening pieces to agree.

Then the one door stays closed.

You can open and close the other door and there is no problem with intake or outflow of air (which is not just air, but that's a small set of lists).

What's important is that because you've now re-aligned the door, there is a shift in the angle of repose. Now the window rattles because the door seals when it shuts as it creates suction from the intake around the seams of the leaky window.

So, opportunity reveals an inherent instability. This opportunity may be a good one, since it was nice of the door to be open in the first place (so much to be said about an open door). Then again, an open door is merely an opportunity to pass through and across a threshold; crossing thresholds can be a tricky business and has the potential of placing oneself in an entirely other frame of reference: You are not on the other side of the door any more.

Whoa, Nellie! How much time did that take?

Do you get a reimbursement for all that time?

How about the materials?

O Man, help thyself!

I don't recommend going the route of the fellow pictured here. He is talented in many directions

-- Chad Colez, ondo

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