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The planet Earth is under Attack ... The Planet Earth is Under attack

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Tiny Town, USA - Reports of a massive fireball breaking into three pieces and disintegrating in the skies over the Northeast are further indications that this is one of the worst allergy seasons on record.

Bewildering observations began flooding the Gateway of Truth called Facebook about 8 or 9 tonight, an evening I had hoped would be tranquilized by drunken graduates.

But, nope. Here it is (note, "status pending"):


Huntley and Brinkley would've handled this differently and let some spokesman from the Pentagon dismiss it as a hoax and blame it on the Rushkies. We modern gatekeepers must stay on top of breaking news, especially when it appears a lot like a triple-150-rum-flamed omelette just made its way into the Jello of our vulnerable mindscapes.

Fear not. This country is flooded with potent-heroes who need a moment to prove that their arsenals of anti-aircraft artillery are in working order and that nobody can take they guns from them.

We know this: these were no pressure cookers hurled at us by some Chechnyan rebel (check spelling). It could be an effort on the part of Democrats to seize momentum into the midterm elections. Or vice versa.

With a guy named Peacock running for judge, what do you expect around here?

Any more of this nonsense until NASA tells us it was just a sprinkling from the May Queen, and I will have to actually put my pants on and do something about it.

C. Penbroke Handy, accustomed to this sort of thing

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