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Demo Memo: Not Moving, Whole Lotta Spanking Goin' on

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Spanks for the Memories ...

The 81 percent majority of Americans believe it is sometimes appropriate for parents to spank their children, according to a Harris survey. An even larger 86 percent say they were spanked by their parents when they were children. Here is the percentage who were spanked as children, by generation...

Millennials: 77%

Generation X: 87%

Baby Boomers: 88%

Older Americans: 88%


Ain't Goin' Nowhere ...

Those waiting for an uptick in the nation's geographic mobility rate will have to wait awhile longer. Fewer Americans are moving, according to American Community Survey results. The ongoing decline in mobility casts doubt on rumors of recovery in the housing market.  

Between 2007 and 2012, the number of people aged 1 or older who moved from one house to another in the United States fell by nearly 1 million—from 45.7 million to 44.8 million. The percentage who move has declined in every year, falling from from 15.4 percent in 2007 to 14.4 percent in 2012.

From Demo Memo by Cheryl Russell  http://demomemo.blogspot.com/

Russell is a demographer and the editorial director of New Strategist Publications. She is the former editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine (then located in Ithaca) and The Boomer Report. She is the author of Bet You Didn't Know and other books on demographic trends. She holds a master's degree in sociology/demography from Cornell University.

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