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Another weekend, another Festicle -- Givem the Raspberry, Russ!

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Tiny Town, USA – The Apple Harvest Festival is a tradition that even the beleaguered crew here at tinytowntimes.com looks forward to, especially in a year of abundant apples.

But what's a festival any more? To us it looks increasingly like a money grab. While there's plenty of entertainment, the idea of a festival, a celebration, is a little flyblown: This is capitalism dressed up like Hilby the Happy German Juggling Boy.
The Farmer's Mark-Up is a good point of departure for a discussion about what makes something basic and essential and fun the equivalent of malware pop-up on your computer screen. Everybody is selling something and many hide their chintz under the veneer of "local." There are more craft booths at the Farmer's market than farmers. A lot of it is fine and dandy but there's plenty of locally-made crap for sale, plainly speaking.
We argue these alleged festivals, too, are no more than cash cows herded into the midst of resident's lives whether they care for it or not.
The push to make Ithaca a destination spot for tourists has cheapened the place in every way except for the price of real estate. It costs as much to live here now as it does to live in the Greater New York City area.
Turning Tiny Town into a Party Town for strangers attracts more than a bunch of gawkers with dispensable income. The city is now a hub for the disenfranchised and those who prey on them. There are more creeps per capita roaming about the town since this place was nicknamed Sodom back in the 19th Century owing to its loose morals. Wish we were there!

Take a walk on the wild side of Green Street along the TCAT bus stop some afternoon if you want a taste of the action. It's a sliver of Middletown with a dash of the wrong side of Kingston.
Back to the Apple Harvest Festicle: Was it necessary to shut down two major city streets on a weekend? Couldn't we have cut a deal and closed a level of one of our beautiful municipal parking garages for some of this nonsense and saved Aurora Street for traffic?
Czar Ferguson, champion of the Commons Mid-life Makeover, continues to gush about the loveliness of our transformation. He'd better. His job is on the line. For the rest of us, simply walking across town has become a hazardous pursuit. It's enough to make one pray for an early winter.
But we don't pray here at tinytowntimes.com ... We shoot existential spitballs and hope they stick in someone's craw.
We aim to please a mute constituency of taxpayers who are tired of the Millennial fun and games.
– C. Penbroke Handy, likes balloons ...

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