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Changing of the Year: The Towers Lights at Ithaca College

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The past couple New Year's Eves, Elsie and I wandered around a largely abandoned and silent campus. Last year a young lady in a blue and black striped dress showed up at the last minute, literally, to mark the arrival of the vexatious 2013. As it turns out, she wasn't a good omen. This year's event was a more generic gathering of folks who seem to enjoy this tiny town ritual ... It was no Times Square thank goodness, no crowds swaying and singing Auld Lang Syne and feeling warm and fuzzy and vague and collectively sad ... It was simply cold on campus.

When the number changed, we moved on ... but not before accommodating a young family with an iPhone shot of their silhouettes with tower lamps ablaze behind them ... No corks popped but a cop stopped by ... No firecrackers ... No bombs ... Just a simple end to a wounded year and now we can all get rubbed raw again against a fresh experience ...Temps to deep below zero Friday ... Do dress appropriately.

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