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Tiny Town Teaser No. 75, Vol. 6: Double or Nothing

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1. Sixth sense
4. With 5 across, it had a major part in the Bible?
5. See 4 Across
1. Triage areas
2. Date
3. Blackberry, e.g.
Degree of Difficulty: Repeating yourself
Images: Treatments of photographic subjects as a thing to sell, like a card. tinytowntimes shutterbug Frankie14850 has created a new line of decorative images worth seeing more than once without having to look twice. Sold under Tiny Town Trademark: Repeat Performances by Shared Visions TM ... These items are available for sale as a card or as an image no larger than 8 X 11 ... $4.35; $7.62; and $12 even. Contact Franklin Crawford via Tiny Town's Facebook page, or by email franklincrawford@gmail ... Cash or check only. A catalogue soon to come ...

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