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Mural Mural on the Wall Where is The Tiniest Town in The Mall?

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Behold the Works of Mnetha Mnetha and Weep! To dust and nothingness do keep, but even Ozymandias had a good time while his works were in progress. Who cares if some limp wristed Englishman came along and pissed on the old buzzard king's memory? 

This beautiful mural now adorns the north facing wall of the Tiny Town office in the DeWitt Mall. The signs are all there: Olive the weather hen, chicory and wild carrot, the camper, the northern view from base camp Dog's Plot, all the sorrows of Deirdre packed away in a manger and a frieze of creatures common to the pioneer territories we cover here at ttt including the badger and the wolf-dog! 

This is a very happy thing for all assembled at tinytowntimes.com ... This is art, dammit, and those miserable frick'n public murals that have been forced upon us by the DOD (Doyens of Decency) Committee should be removed and replaced with Chinese Communist Propaganda Art from the time of the Boxer Rebellion. That stuff was ALIVE. These murals are dead. They represent the gentrification of Ithaca by single-sex couples and people of soy milk persuasions. 

How about some old cigar box art and WPA artworks, similar to the sandstone figurines in the hospital garden? How about something well done for a change? 

The yellow belly murals and senseless sculptures spread about Tiny Town today ought to be recycled with extreme prejudice. One or two items stand out, not because they are any good, but they deserve to stay. The stuff in from the Public Library ain't bad. 

Also, we like the Air Pump on the side of the A+ Convenient Store. The spiral stairs painted orange on the Green Street parking ramp. Nice.The Hole in One at the Museum of Pornography. Yay. 

Other installations we vote for: The Commons Clock Towers, Mail Boxes, Emergency Fire Alarm Signs and Caged Lights; the footbridge over Six Mile Creek; the one lane bridge on Brindley Street; The Gantry at Wallace Streel; the Salmon Ladder ... we'll be adding more when the writer feels like it.


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