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U.S. recognizes Tiny Town as separate country, diplomatic envoy despatched

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TINY TOWN, USA –  President Obama's administration officially recognized Tiny Town as a separate and legitimate city-state this week. On Thursday, July 16, an ambassador was sited on The Commons apparently there to advertise the change in U.S. government policy toward the wayward city once deemed  "a nexus of weevils."

Tiny Town Mayor Carolyn Peterson was on vacation and could not be reached for comment. The Ambassador himself had little to say about the appointment and suggested that TTT.com check out some informational materials and get back to him. 

We applaud President Obama's visionary gesture and suggest a downtown street be named after him when he dies.

Mr. Obama's predecessor had little to say about Ithaca during his tenure in office except to express his gratitude to former New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller for cracking down on the prison riot there in 1971. The riot actually occurred at the Attica Correctional facility.

Corrected, the former president apologized and complimented the fine beer that is made in Utica, saying he once enjoyed a coupla Genny Cream Ales with the mayor of that woebegone city. Genny is not made or bottled in Ithaca.

–– Franklin Crawford 

A REAL LADIES MAN:Tiny Town Ambassador hands out free cups of water for officer workers in the downtown central business district.

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