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Famous Explorer-Archivist-Photojournalist GG Wable Joins Tiny Town Times team

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THE OFFICES OF A PRO: The man himself with cat.  RIGHT: The top shelf works carefully archived and disguised in Pop Ice boxes contain photos of some of the most important Ithacan-Americans ever to pass through the hatches of the Royal Palm Tavern on Dryden Road in Tiny Town. BELOW: GG Wable outside his office at an undisclosed location in Tiny Town.

 TINY TOWN, USA –– GG Wable is perhaps the greatest chronicler of life on East Hill since Simeon DeWitt broke his leg on Buffalo Street and called the place home back in the 18th century.

Ever the man on the scene, Mr. Wable sports an old Minolta and plenty of patience. An analog guy in this digital world, he still sends his film off to Clark Color Labs in Hampton Park, MD. for development.

His archives include photos of many of the most notable Ithacan-Americans ever to pass through the hatches of The Royal Palm Tavern on Dryden Road. His passion for local sports is undimmed even after East Hill EduCorp made it difficult for gate crashers to get a seat at the games in The Crescent.

He broke the news on the Johnny's Big Red Grill historic sign removal crime carried out by the minions of the Evil Fane. Those pix soon to be published for the first time here at TTT.com. 

A political animal as well, Mr. Wable once traveled to Tibet to interview the Dalai Lama, only to be turned away by a Chinese boder patrol following a near fatal hike into the lower Himalayas. Reflecting on that experience, Mr. Wable said, if he'd only understood what the Sherpas were trying to tell him, he would've known that the Dalai Lama's headquarters were in Llasa and that his eminence was in fact, in Ithaca, N.Y., staying at the Royal Court Motor Lodge until his Camp Kalachakra was completed.

Also of note: he shares his offices with three cats and his 16-year old mascot, Dog.

The editorial staff at TTT.com look forward to dispatches from our newly minted East Hill correspondent, a true Ithacan-American if ever there was one. 

–– C. Penbroke Handy  

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