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2015 Scraped and shaped outtakes from the year that was ...

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Editor's Note: It's Wednesday Night Free for All at tinytowntimes where we hope to feature works by local musicians, art by local artists and all that fits under the rubric: Made in Tiny Town ... Thanks Owen Lennon for launching our first such venture. We've been doing this for quite a while now, it's just time we put a handle on it.


Of this creation, Owen Lennon says: "This is a video collage utilizing imagery scraped from the recesses of this past year of 2015. Video footage with original music." The prose poem is read by poet Russell Edson. Not widely recognized he is however, a known figure in the field of writing. According to Prof. Wiki: Edson, (1935 – April 29, 2014) was an American novelist, writer and illustrator, and the son of the cartoonist-screenwriter Gus Edson.He studied art early in life and attended the Art Students League as a teenager. He began publishing poetry in the 1960s. His honors as a poet include a Guggenheim fellowship, a Whiting Award, and several fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts.



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Tuesday is Poetry Day at Tiny Town Times and This Week We Got Two Greats

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Editor's Note: We have renewed Tuesday as our day to highlight poetry of our local bard, be among us or ex-pats in foreign lands like Texas. Today we feature local author and poet Jonathan Frankel, and, our man Eric Little, esq., fighting the good fight in the hostile Texas territories. We thank these princely wordsmiths for sharing their works with us. Enjoy!


Late November Light

The late November light is strong

It transfuses the empty arms of trees

And radiates the wooded land along

The shelves of shale crumbling free

Falling in a rush of silver drops

To the gorge below where everything stops.

Darkened by the shade, a frozen spring

In a caul of ice, enfolds the rock. Ice manacles

The fallen limbs with a shining ring.

Then the smoky violet panicles

Of grass shift in the sparrowed weeds

As Ophelia whispers of willows and reeds.

Jonathan Frankel



Seven Year Frost

If you ask me

all Americans

are part gypsy,

for somewhere in our family trees

some packer, mover, dodger

stuffed some sacks and bailed across the sea.

So with our brood.

And itching through three households

up I grew.

Call it the drink,

or call it jobs, the Irish gypsy

blood ran through our limbs,

as town to city,

friend to neighbor,

church to ashram,

splintering toward the sun

we each stretched on

reaching for our designated blooms.

In the seventh year of my journey

a march snow cloaked our backyard cherry tree

then melted to unprecedented spring.

That May its branches shone

with blackest foil, its blossoms

held a sunset, every one.

And then the cherries came,

gorged, dappled, firm,

and none contained a worm.

As I recall, for that one Spring,

we simply lived, as though for once

we didn’t run from anything.

The cherries weighed the branches down

as ripening they drank the sun

while inside we supped for once as one.

Then, as luck would have it, some

nocturnal pressure system heaved a frost

from Nova Scotia down the coast.

The morning after, I emerged

and through my hoary breath researched

each shrinking bruise beneath the diamond wool.

Not one of our sour hearts escaped

that scourge of age unseasonal.

Dark-charmed, the wind had blown us down again.

For my father, disappointment is taboo,

so all that day he plucked them from the snow,

squeezed the pits and jarred the flesh in rum.

And when, next Christmas-time, now numb

to the elegy of heaven green-red-gold,

we sucked that harvest down with alcohol.

Eric Little


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Cayuga Lake Books publishes Anthology of Finger Lakes Writers

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From the Finger Lakes: A Prose Anthology, published in 2015, contains the work of some of central New York’s finest writers. Some are nationally recognized––such as Diane Ackerman, Paul West, Alison Lurie, James McConkey––many are locally well-known––Carol Kammen, Kenneth A. McClane, Gene Endres, Katharyn Howd Machan, Leslie Daniels, Brad Edmondson and others––and many are soon-to-be-discovered and will be much-admired for their eloquence, humor, and passion when readers find them in the anthology. Cover art by Mary Shelley, a wood carving "Rowing on Cayuga Lake, Early Summer Morning (2015)."

The editors have selected a wide variety of first-rate material, half fiction, half nonfiction whose authors range in age from 23 to 93. Many write about life in the Ithaca area––its varied people, its natural wonders, its quirky lifestyles––and others report on parts of the world less “centrally isolated,” including India, Sri Lanka, New York’s Lower East Side, the American Midwest.

Writers include: Diane Ackermann, Jo Ann Beard, Paul Cody, Gerard H. Cox, Leslie Daniels, Douglas Green, Brian Hall, Glynis Hart, Nino Lama, Kenneth A. McLane, James McConkey, Sonali Samarasinghe, David S. Warren, Fred A. Wilcox, Jason Brown, Alice Fulton, Ellen Hartmann, Lamar Herrin, Dian I. Hillmann, Minfong Ho, J. Robert Lennon, Beth Lordan, Kathryn Howd Machan, Jeane Mackin, Maureen McCoy, Holly Menino, Micha Perks, Stephen Poleskie, Barbara Adams, Joane Cipolla-Dennis, Franklin Crawford, Anthony Direnzo, Amber Donofrio, Brad Edmondson, Gene Endres, Mary Gilliland, Ann Grodzins Gold. Daniel Gold, David Guaspari, Ira Rabois, Jeff Stein, Paul West

From the Finger Lakes: A Prose Anthology is available at bookstores and other Ithaca shops, as well as on Amazon. Or you can order copies directly from the printer at tim@wastelandpress.net.

On November 8th at the Tompkins County Public Library, and on November 15th at Buffalo Street Books, Cayuga Lake Books will hold two book-launch readings, both from 2-5 in the afternoon. The public is cordially invited.

On these occasions, many of the authors will read from their work, answer questions from the audience, and sign books for the public. We’re confident that––with Ithaca’s enthusiasm for good writing and local authors––these will be popular community events.

- From Cayuga Lakes PR


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Proudly featuring some of the video graphic work by friend and artist Petr Salidar

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Brahms, Brahms, Brahms ... Finger Lakes Chamber Ensembe at Lodi

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