Demo Memo: Almost a third of nation's eligible workers idle by labor accounts

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Seems like a lot of folks got their big break or are banking on a lucky streak

Or is the inactivity among America's unemployed something we've been expecting?

More than 87 million Americans aged 16 or older did not work in 2014, nor did they look for work—17 million more than in 2004. Nonworkers grew from 31 to 35 percent of the adult population during those years. What's behind the increase? A big factor is the baby-boom generation, which is inflating the number of retirees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calls this the "age effect." Here are the four types of nonworking adults...

Slacker?: Hey Don't Look at Me! I put my time in at the Patent Office.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, People Who Are Not In the Labor Force: Why Aren't They Working?

From Demo Memo by Cheryl Russell

Russell is a demographer and the editorial director of New Strategist Publications. She is the former editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine (then located in Ithaca) and The Boomer Report. She is the author of Bet You Didn't Know and other books on demographic trends. She holds a master's degree in sociology/demography from Cornell University.

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