Pothole of the Week, or "I Am Joe's Necrotic Spleen"

Monday, 19 October 2009 03:11 administrator


Tiny Town, USA – Observe. This is not so much a pothole as a malignancy. An open sore that festers on the left westbound lane of Seneca St. near Tioga. 

Look, we know Seneca also is a state road and things happen slow in the municipal mix. But this ghastly chancre is gonna get worse fast come winter time. It has yet to qualify as a full-fledged pothole and as stated is more an annoying abrogation as you swerve to avoid it. But in time it will have its way with tie rods, suspension systems and the rest of those things we leave to the garage mechanic to mull over. 

Fixing it would require repaving the entire length of the block and after this summer's business with the brick roadway over on State Street (Oh, excuse me. "Martin Luther King Jr. Street" -- take a right off Karl Marx and Mahatma Ghandi Blvds, you can't miss it).

Anyway, a hot patch would be nice. It's such an ugly wound. And it is far less lethal than some of the gaping manhole covers in town (people hole covers, Ithacan-American hole covers, whatever).

We apologize for being remiss in keeping up with our pothole watch and we ask you to please, keep us informed. We're only as good as our sources ... Hey Mabel, give a hand here okay?

–– C. Penbroke Handy 


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