Bad Landlord! Good Landlord!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 19:23 administrator


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What exactly do we mean by Bad Landlord? Or for that matter, Good Landlord? If we're talking about the property depicted in image No. 1 above, by "bad landlords" do we mean self-absorbed Downstate transplants who don't give a rat's patootie about their neighbors or anyone in a wheelchair who must use their curb cuts?


Welllllll ... not yet, anyway.

We mean they are irresponsible and either haven't yet gotten levied by the city for their abysmal maintenance of this property on the busy corner of N. Geneva and Cascadilla Sts., or soon will be.

Get off your assets and start shoveling we say. Or dare we send out our "Instant Lawsuit Unit" and sue for whiplash and a bruised coccyx? Same goes for the folks a couple houses down, No. 2, in the pair above. What's it gonna cost you to shovel 50 feet of sidewalk? How about a lawsuit? We're not exactly raking in the big bucks here at TinyTownTimes and some of us, like Chad (a former stuntman in "Every Which Way But Loose") is just itching to practice a pratfall to the tune of several thousands dollars that the city will pass along to you so get to work.  

3. 4.

Okay. Look. We're not interested in a religious war here. Everyone can see that the Catholic Church steeple is bigger than the Greek Orthodox Tower, although, not nearly as exotic. But the Greek Orthodoxy have an unorthodox approach to maintaining their corner appointment as opposed to the busy, helpful, charitable Catholics across the street. We will comment no further except to ask the one and only non-perishable son of G-d, as he slips and schleps in his leather sandals along the graupel laden walk outside the Greek Orthodox Church, "Mr. Christ, would you like us to carry you over to the Catholic side of the street where it's safer?"

Note Bene: We at TinyTownTimes are a-religious, that is, we do not enter into the whole argument about religion, existence or non-existence of G-d, etc. We do, however, really like the baked goods at the Greek Orthodox annual Easter bake sale. They are the best.


5. 6.

Aha! A notorious neighborhood baddie -- No. 5!

What's with these landlords? We know them to be salt of the earth people, yet they will neither shovel nor spread any SO2 on the walks bordering their properties for money nor love, apparently.

We do not hate them, we like them. They are just lazy is all we can figure. Do we ask that you run out the door with a bristle broom and highway plow every time a little lake effect snow blows in? Of course. Not. Still, some effort would be appreciated. It's embarrassing and don't forget our stuntman Chad who is doing his tumbling routine right now in eager anticipation of a serious back injury ON YOUR PROPERTY. 

Finally (No.6), we close with a Good Landlord. S. Geneva St. You could eat off that sidewalk. In fact, we're dining there this evening. Bring waterproofs and dress for the weather.

– C. Penbroke Handy 

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