More About Tiny Town Times and How it Works

Friday, 31 July 2009 13:50 administrator


   ttt clean room ttt lunch  

TINY TOWN, USA –– Take a look! We're improving our Web Site. There's our designer Belinda Cho making magic happen in the TTT clean room on the left.

In the middle is Jock Poseidon, our local fish monger. Here at the TTT offices we usually send out for lunch owing to our intense schedules.

Poz, as we call him, dips his line in a local creek and always cooks up something fresh. We think it is important to support the local economy and we tip generously.

On the far right, well ...

We need a plumber. We put a lot of our grant money into the clean room and research and the rest of the place could use ... a tender touch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

–– C. Penbroke Handy

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