So what did we just celebrate if not the Fourth of July?Ah, fizzlesticks:

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Tiny Town, USA – Well, Ithaca just made a shitload of noise for about twenty minutes in what has become our day, or maybe not, to celebrate the Fourth of July, celebrating Independence  Day, a victory that, looking around, I'm not so sure we won.

Perhaps we meant "Co-Dependence Day."

But you know what? Since we just blew the eardrums out of unknown fledgling birds, mammals, fish and other innocent creatures, we might as well look at some reasons for this bellicose insanity. 

Prof. Wiki is very helpful in this regard. Just think of all the reasons to celebrate July 1: \

• Marlo Brandon was born, 1924. Worth a 21 Ack-Ack salute on the waterfront.

• In 1863, it was the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. A mere skirmish.

In 1874, the Sholes and Glidden, the first commercially successful typewriter went on sale -- a machine that would lead to many an explosive frustration.

• In 1916, on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 19,000 British soldiers are killed and 40,000 wounded. Betcha they had some serious ordnance there!

• The Communist Party of China is Founded -- and you know who invented fireworks!

• Smoking is banned in England on July 1, 2007 in all indoor public places!

• Sadly, on this day in 1995, radio show host Wolfman Jack died.

• July 1 is Doctor's Day in India ...

• Who Could Forget the Battle of San Juan Hill! Go Rough Riders -- also the day of Cornell University's first battlefield casualty ...

• Who but knew that it wasn't until 1963 that Zip Codes were introduced to the United States mail ... Go Postal, baby!

• And Finally, who but our very own DEBBIE HARRY, should be born on this day in 1945 ... I don't know if it's worth all those fireworks, because, BLONDIE was her own kinda bombshell.

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