What passed is not forgotten; it's presented here all fresh, not rotten

Saturday, 13 June 2015 02:57 administrator


Editor's note: Turns out we still have an account with the ever strange Animoto sllideshow processor. How Chad let this account remain open boggles all of us; their color treatment is poor, washing out much of frankie14850's delicate post-production work ... This is a slow moving meditation on that rare thing that is just about to pass us: Spring. It also is a tribute to Mama Cat, the Jinn who came and stayed with me for a while, seeing that my life continued to keep to its original intent as a person who loves and cares about the world presented by the Mind. We've been very fortunate here at tinytowntimes.com ... despite all manner of setbacks, we remain a functioning unit ... Enjoy ... Oh, and that's not Chad on piano. It's a piece by a tiny sheep named Greta who is in love with the Lucky Ithaca Monkey, like 4-evuh. Performed by C. Penbroke Handy in a rare moment of willingness. Credit of The Admin saluting Giacometti's Walking Man: Elsie J. Hook ... Also, Mama Cat and Admin napping, Elsie J. Hook.

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