Here it is: Wiotekika Wi: Moon of Hard Times

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Tiny Town, USA – I've given only a token amount of money to the St. Joseph's Indian School in the hyperborean wastes of South Dakota, but, run by the good Jesuits, they will not forget my twenty bucks or whatever it was to buy a kid a blanket ... rest.

I've gotten lots and lots of mail from The Brothers who run the school, and as far as I know, they allow for the Lakota language to be learned and shared. So, I got a note from the Fr. J. Anthony Kluckman, SCJ, Chaplain. He asked me how I was enjoying my new Daily Planner. Well, I wasn't using it.

With all the St. Joseph's nice return address and other pleasant Judeo-Christian/Little bit of Lakota folklore stickies, it sat waiting for Self to decide if It was going to send another few bucks that I can't spare. I wanted to compose a note back the Friar and let him know he was ploughing a barren field and where the heck did they get all the overhead to send all this hooey?

Then I opened the planner, because it's a 2015 planner, and it didn't make any sense open it any sooner.

Well, turns out, it's got some cool stuff in it -- Lakota language stuff.

For one, there is a list of Lakota terminology for each month of the year.

I also learned the word "tiospaye" (tee-oh-spy-aye) which means "extended family," or so the planner says. Also, an important word: Pilamaya, "thank you."

But it was the list of names for the months of the Lakota Lunar Calendar that I really appreciate and for this alone I will reconsider my donation list -- it's long. But if you only send $5 here or $10 there, it's amazing the amount of junk mail I've accumulated. But this here, this is not junk: this is information and knowledge:

As the introduction states "May the Lakota children's heritage enrich your life":

January – Wiotekika WiMoon of Hard Times

February – Cannapoppa WiMoon of the Cracking Trees

March – Istawicayazan WiMoon of Snow Blindness

April – Wihakakta cepapi WiMoon of Fattening

May – Wojupiwi WiMoon of Planting

June – Wipazuka waste Wi Moon of Good Berries

July – Canpasapa WiMoon of Cherries Blackening

August  – Wasuton WiMoon of Harvest

September – Canwepegi WiMoon of Brown Leaves

October – Canwapekasna WiMoon of Falling Leaves

November – Waniyatu WiMoon of Starting Winter

December – Tahecapsun WiMoon of Shedding Horns


There. I learned a little bit for a change. What's it worth? I'll send something.

– Franklin Crawford, tiny town times, administrator, still unstable after all these years

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