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TOP LEFT: The K&H Redemption center draws a brand new customer. TOP RIGHT: Shannon of K&H helps unload the goods. MIDDLE: The goods.

LEFT: Herb Swansborough, collector.

TINY TOWN, N.Y. –– For the time being it will be business as usual at the K&H Redemption Center II at the crossroads of Route 79, Taughannock and Sencea Streets. The future however, is uncertain.

Acting on a tip from Randy, a.k.a. "Ping-Ping," the guy who picks up this reporter's  recyclables, the K&H (also home to the Hook, Line and Sinker Bait Shop) was rumored to be looking for a new home. Our waste management unit visited the center on Monday, July 13. Shannon Lynch, one of the co-owners (the other is Deb Lynch) of the business, a mother and daughter operation, said the landlord is ailing and there has been talk of a move but "so far so good."

The Lynch's purchased the K&H II name in 1994 from the original K&H proprietors. Why K&H II? Shannon explains there was another in Cortland at one time and that was K&H 1.

If you already knew that, you win today's tiny bubbles contest.

Business was brisk as it usually is on Mondays. Herb Swansborough, however, only managed to make about $1.05 from his collectibles. "Not enough for a 40 ouncer," he said. The reporter was obliged to lend him a sawbuck in exchange for a picture. Mr. Swansborough was quite pleased. We at know what it is like to need a drink although we refrain from all such activities given the huge responsibilities inherent to the tiny task of bringing really important news to Ithacan-Americans everywhere.

K&H clientele tend to be working people, drunks and the unemployed. Students rarely use the facility which is too bad because they create a lot of waste and waste a lot of time sticking cans in redemption machines at supermarkets. The arrival of automation in the industry has hurt business at places like K&H.

So for now,  K&H remains. Mr. Swansborough is happy about that because he doesn't like the machine recyclers at Tops and Wegmans and the K&H folk are "nice people." And we bet Randy is relieved, too, because he works there now and then and it's no fun loading bottles and cans one at a time at the supermarket machines after a hard day's works collecting them.

–– Franklin Crawford

BELOW: Randy a.k.a. "Ping-Ping" after a pick up at the reporter's home.


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