Good Will Insurgents cycle into Tiny Town, no violence reported

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TINY TOWN, N.Y –– A flock of 180 cyclists rolled into Tiny Town on July 13 eventually roosting at the Holiday Inn parking lot downtown. They were raising money for a place called Anchor House in Trenton, N.J., a safe house for runaways who have nowhere to go and little hope of making decent lives for themselves. The cyclists are on a 500-mile journey that started in Oswego, a tiny town way to the north of us where bad things happen in the winter. On the day our non-profit watchdogs caught up with the Anchor House cyclists the fundraisers had cycled about 75 miles from Geneva, N.Y., a tiny town at the north end of Seneca Lake where nothing much has happened since the days of Vaudeville and bottled milk trucks. Each rider is responsible for raising $750 in sponsorships. Do the math -- enter your answer and win a prize!

Pictured above: Cyclists look for their bags at the landing site in the Holiday Inn p-lot. Left: Felix, a member of the support team.

The 180 bikes were trucked to Oswego from Trenton and riders took a bus to the launch site. It is approximately 500 miles to Trenton from Oswego and the riders still had a long way to go –– but under mostly clear skies; bit of luck that, what with the summer we're having. For more info about their cause, see ... One last point: riders say they love Tiny Town because of easy access to food and beverages and the general sense of welcome they feel here. They last passed our way in 2006.

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