Indoor nuisance wildlife activity at low ebb, says Center security guard

Wednesday, 15 July 2009 15:22 administrator
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TINY TOWN, USA –– July 14 will go down as a slow day for nuisance complaints in Center Ithaca, according to a security guard who works there.

"The summers are pretty mellow," said John, who works for Securitas, the agency with the not-quite-ready-for-prime-time uniforms. "In the winter though, the kids can raise some hell inside."

John said he had no prior experience with safeguarding private property unless, he said, you count his time with the military "and that's going back a ways."

Typical problems: Teens tossing food and other projectiles inside the Atrium where there are several eateries; drug dealing; the homeless and unemployed who have no better place to be sleeping; dogs; the mentally ill who consider it a way station between supportive living and the mental health building. The latter tend not to cause much trouble but are difficult to deal with as they are often medicated and move slowly, some times getting stuck in one place for hours. 

Other trouble makers find their way below decks on the elevator and hang out in the sub-level corridors where there is only one business, making it a welcome place to rendezvous and cause all manner of mischief. 

"Oh, there are all kinds of places in here for them to roam around," said John the security guy who keeps a piece of Tiny Town safe for Ithacan-Americans. We'll check back come winter -- you betcha!

–– Franklin Crawford

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