Tiny Town Gumball Machine Dispenses Candy for Only 10 Cents!

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GUMBALLTINY TOWN, USA –– "In this day and age, in THIS kinda market?"

"Am I in a Time Machine?"

"Hey Mabel, what's that yer smokin'?"

These are just some quotes you are welcome to employ when you hear this amazing news: There is a Tiny Town gumball machine full of spherical candies in assorted colors -- and they only cost a thin dime and anyone can get them.

The machine is located at the entrance to Thayer Appliance on W. Seneca Street (soon to be renamed "Karl Marx Blvd."), a Tiny Town business that's been operating for a long long time.

Where do gumballs come from? Ah. You think it's an easy answer. TTT.com's cheap food unit placed a call to Thayer and was informed by a spokeperson that "there always seem to be gumballs in it, so someone is re-filling it."

That someone is no doubt an employee for Central New York Vending. Our reporter placed a call to the number listed on the gumball dispenser and left a message. At the time of this story, the call had not been returned.

Tom Wright of Thayer says that folks who come in with kids ask for a quarter's worth of change to get a gumball or two, "but I don't know how stale they are," he said, referring of course, to the candies.

We tried one -- a blue ball -- and found it fresh and chewy, with a hard outside crust and a gooey interior. Hard to imagine such a thing when it is common to pay 75 cents to a dollar or more for anything from a vending machine nowadays.

The Ford-franchised vending machine is a fixture of charity as well, and proceeds appear to support the local Kiwanis Club. Grab some dimes and do a Tiny Town philanthropic agency a bit o' good. At 10 cents, who cares about dental hygiene?

–– C. Penbroke Handy

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