George Johann blows into Tiny Town with Angry Mom

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RETURN TO TINY TOWN: George Johann is back and he's brought his Angry Mom business with him. Mr. Johann deals in  vintage albums. He's also handy with a ball point pen and is the creator of Reynolds Rocket Comics, rendered completely with a ball point pen. We look forward to running some of Mr. Johann's work in the's Funnies.  

 FETCHING: Window display for Angry Mom Records, in Autumn Leaves Bookstore, The Commons. 

TINY TOWN, USA –– George Johann is back. Where he was before is an outside issue. The point is, he's here and he brought along his Angry Mom Records and Rocket Comics and that's all anyone really needs to know unless we find him on the county Sheriff's online list of offenders.

Mr. Johann just signed a 5-year lease with Joe Wetmore, owner of Autumn Leaves Bookstore. Mr. Wetmore is not only a savvy businessman, he's an activist AND a landlord. No one can accuse Mr. Wetmore of not knowing The Game. At any rate, Mr. Johann is open for business below decks in Autumn Leaves. Some items that caught's Arts & Entertainment reporter's hawklike eye: Lots of old records, including Never Mind the Bollocks by the Sex Pistols, a Marx Brothers album and an original Funky  Parliament LP. That about sells us on the place.

Then there's Reynolds Rocket Comics the "100% Ball Point Wonder" handily drawn by Mr. Johann. He mentioned some collusion with another artist on this work but we didn't catch that person's name. We look forward to running selected Rocket Comics works in our Funnies section. Check out Angry Mom Records and tell them sent you!   

–– Franklin Crawford 

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