Tiny Town Prophet TeslaRider's "cup runnith over" -- Send Fresh Air! Water! Food!

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Editor's note: We recently received a Letter to the Editor from Teslarider [pictured left], an area Prophet, to run this urgent message (we do not edit for spelling or grammar, the words of a Prophet). Apparently his brain cup is overflowing with ideas on how to save us from ourselves. He shares his visions on www.rtg.org, but He selected tinytowntimes.com as a launching site for some of his simple visions that may enable us to outlive the madness that surrounds us. The Recipe calls in part for bob white quail, super mushrooms and ... well. Water. Fresh water! And more bob white quail. He sees with a knowing eye the significance of the pestilent stink bug and other Invasives. His visionary cry of love is skillfully rendered by Belindo Cho and Rigel Stuhmiller, resident artists at tinytowntimes.com.

 My cup runnith over!

 And Lo! I have seen the power of the Holy Spirit and the World knows it not!

 I was visited by an associate, and was confronted with a a problem!

 I have been gifted by God and it has been reaffirmed! I was told today that “my cup runnith over!”

I am gifted by the ability to see a problem, analyze it and produce a viable answers. But I produce many at a time! Some answers needed to be in place years ago!

 My foresight sees, in the Near Future, the needs for basic necessities!

 My cup runnith over. My blessings are of projects that need to be in place if we wish humanity to survive.

 I have planted seeds and presented great ideas, and presented some projects that can save humanity from the poisons of our industries. Whether or not the people who received these, enact upon them, is to be seen. The knowledge freely, and with great flow comes forth. Project upon project that I wish would be placed. I too, want to survive and in good health.

 Simple things like Home made Hydroponic Gardens, Aquaponics and the growth of Mushrooms.

 Supplying the necessary components of life,

 Water! Food! Air!

 The systems that I have presented, in production, was of fish, peppers, herbs and vegetables and mushrooms.

 Also our friends in Mycology who offer a Great start to the worlds recovery, as mushrooms, as common as the oyster mushrooms, eat and dispose of Oil, not just corn oil or such but Crude Oil!

This is a field that will prove of utmost importance, if we are to survive.

 Right now the world is facing a great shortage of Fresh water! Much of the problem is caused by misuse of Earth. Killing many natural things man has wrought much peril. Man is systematically annihilating some of the worlds largest living organisms, mushrooms, rain forests, and killing the ocean with oil, and great quantities of Nuclear Waste, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. All infecting our food and water supplies.

 We face Armageddon.

 The pestilences is already at your door! Kudzu bugs, stink bugs and fire ants are overrunning farms, but we insist upon Chemicals to try to deal with them, poising our land and food.

 Simple answer is to outfit hatcheries of Bob White Quail!

The adults spend 10 hours a day searching out the weed and evasive seed, but don't bother with the planted seed. The chicks are of a magnitude more insectivorous than the adults, wiping out the pestilences. The adults have a covey of 10-15 chicks, 2-3 time in a year.

Proper mass releasing causes no harm and the hunters will have again, the Bob White which in turn can help farmers in many ways.

 And there is much more.

 I wish to find my place, helping my brother and sisters to survive what is to come. For we are to Stand Firm, United! Under God and Indivisible! As I was taught in my youth and am now Called as an adult, and as a Sovereign American, to Stand!

 Come forth! I beseech thee and hear my words! For it is for God's Glory and not mine! The Holy Spirit has Gifted me! And I wish to share it with my Family of Americans! Come forth!


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